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About Struppler's Supermarket
Since 1990, the staff at Struppler's has dedicated its efforts to providing maximum value to our customers, the components of value being a combination of quality, price, and service.
Our goal has been to provide your family, our neighbors and friends, with the best perishable products provided in the marketplace and innovative means to save you time and money.
1995 brought the addition of gasoline pumps to offer more convenience to our customers. Struppler's was the first Syracuse area supermarket to offer this convenience. In 2006, we supplemented our fuel program with a "Gasbuster's" fuel rewards program, again the first in the Syracuse area.
Not afraid to be daring in our effort to move forward, we changed from a one time quality supplier in the Penn Traffic Company to an "old fashioned service" grocery co-operating at Olean Wholesale in 2008. This move changed our name from Big M to Struppler's Shurfine Supermarket, and allowed us to create our own ad to highlight the products, services, and departments within the store.

Lastly, we must highlight our focus on prompt and friendly service. We recognize how time pressed today's consumer is and assure you, at Struppler's; you will have the shortest wait in the checkout lane of any supermarket! We believe this is how our friends should be assisted!